In terms one and two we have worked on primarily realistic Art, especially portraits and self-portraits. We also looked briefly at shading (using pencil) using the ideas at . We finished term 2 with a detailed self-portrait using only pencil.

In term 3 I would like to wrap up portraiture for the moment, and consolidate their ability to create lifelike shapes and proportions of facial features. At the end of term 2 we used a template (each student created their own) to structure their self portrait. You can find instructions for this at although the site we used was more suitable for grades 3 and 4 and I can't quite find it again at the moment!

Lesson ideas I am looking at to finish portraits include:

Self portraits

Self portraits done by students in Melbourne:

Picasso self-portraits (moving away from realism) at

This "graphic design" idea builds on a Pop Art style portrait and includes collage to create a somewhat abstract piece of art that I think links in well with the book for Literacy and Numeracy week, Herman and Rosie - most pages have a photo of a real object included in the collage (although admittedly the book is cleverly Photoshop composited I think and it will be hard to achieve the same effect). However I would like to continue teaching some more ICT skills and this will help as students will have the opportunity to create images of themselves, using the Photo Booth Pop Art filter (privacy considerations rule out Foto Flexer as used in the original lesson plan), copy it to the teacher using a Drop box, where it will be printed, then collect letters from magazines and newspapers, perhaps create some using Microsoft Word Word Art, etc.
Verdict: This project was much harder to complete than anticipated, because most of my class starts with J, but in any case the kids found it hard to collect enough of their initial. The ICT side was pretty straightforward although it did take a while to get through collecting everyone's picture and printing it.


Zentangle? Because lots of my grade likes to colour in patterns, perhaps they'd like to make some
A good introduction to patterning is the YouTube video "Zenspirations Patterning Techniques" - my 3/4 class enjoyed copying these patterns for half an hour one afternoon.
This Zentangle fruit looks like a great inspiration especially if you are looking at healthy eating:
Another from Joanne Fink on monograms looks useful: Zenspirations Patterned Monograms
There are useful downloads that go with these Sakura YouTube videos at


Also, because a lot of the colouring they have enjoyed is mandalas, perhaps they would like to make some of their own?
I like as my class is already adept at tracing using the light through the window to shine a stencil from below.