Yes it's December as I write this and it is good fun to spend a bit more time making some Christmas craft as we wind down at the end of a school year. Here are some projects that I have found successful.

In my Year 1 classroom in 2012:
  • Paper Christmas Craft from squidoo - so far I have only made the "paper strip ornaments". They proved a little challenging for some and may need to be stapled by the teacher for best results, creating a bottleneck, but overall the results were pleasing. This is a short activity that some students can knock off in 15 mins.
  • There are some interesting ideas in this 12 Christmas craft ideas page on pinterest, but I thought most of them looked pretty tough. I had my eye on the snowflakes but after some difficulty making paper strip ornaments I thought they might only work as an extension project for craftier kids.
  • Making Christmas cards - I liked this activity because it really only needs basic supplies and can be as fancy or as simple as you like. Literacy automatically included as students create their own message. I used some little Christmas icons from the TES iBoard wrapper paper patterns activity to help students decorate their cards.