Collect any lesson plans for guided reading in this section. These might be for PM or other books. Please put them in level order to make them easier to find and include the level in the title.

As this list was becoming very long, I have split it up into multiple pages organised by reading level.

Guided Reading Resources

If you are trying to look up information on a particular text, you will probably find the following sites useful:

Levelling Notes

If you have some mystery books that you want to level, here are our text levelling notes on how to find a level for them, in case the sites above didn't help!

Making Guided Reading Resources

  • Creating wordsearches - I am personally not sure that a wordsearch is a high quality literacy activity, but they are easy to make and a great reward for fast finishers as they can be fun.
  • Creating crosswords - these are great for stronger readers who want a bit more of a challenge.

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