This page is for any resources relating to literacy teaching...

As this wiki is just a small collection of bits and pieces, I am putting more complete and comprehensive resources up front:

Guided Reading Lesson Plans - lesson plans, resources, activities to go with levelled readers like PM and Sails. You may also like the Generic Book Activities that can be used with many books regardless of the title.
Big Book Activities - ideas, resources, lessons to go with Big Books
Ordinary Book Activities - ideas, resources, lessons to go with books that aren't big
Text Selection - how to find an appropriate book
First Steps Information including First Steps Templates
Online books - stories that read themselves!
Teaching Sight Words, Teaching Adjectives, Teaching Nouns
Teaching Writing
Teaching Handwriting
Teaching Spelling
Teaching Grammar
Teaching Genres incl. Teaching Descriptions
Daily 5 Information
Literacy references including dictionaries and etymology sites
Literacy Games online including Whomp and Wordtwist
Other Literacy Templates
PM Reader Software
Papercraft Alphabet - a set of templates for making cute models of the letters of the alphabet.

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