This page is for information, ideas and resources for teaching K-6 maths in Australia.

Using Maths history and historical figures in your maths teaching
Maths challenges and enrichment or extension
Maths Inspiration - There are lots of resources around for teaching various maths topics (e.g. see below). In this section I am going to collect resources that I think might help children to appreciate maths and might inspire them to enjoy it!

Notes on maths teaching, organised by strand and sub-topic

Number and Algebra

Measurement and Geometry

Statistics and Probability

Maths Games

There are lots of maths games in the Count Me In Too resources, for instance the DENS book (Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies).
Here are some printable maths games that I made as well as from other places around the web.

Useful web sites containing more than one topic

Worksheet and tool generators

Some times you have students who just want to do lots of practice, so these sites will help you quickly generate worksheets to specification. It's easy to find these by Googling "math worksheet generator" - these are ones I've used and like.

UK Resources

Australian Sites

VIC DEECD Maths pages

US Sites

Origo Stepping Stones Notes

At our primary school we have been using the Origo Stepping Stones program this year, and it is fairly complete, but occasionally asks for some resources from Origo that you may not have (I don't have a Number Box, for instance). I also think sometimes there are added extras that may be useful in engaging the students as I work through the program. These ideas are going to be collected on the Origo Stepping Stones notes page.