This page is for ideas, information, resources, links and units for teaching Science.

Day and Night science unit - an early childhood unit for learning about day, night, seasons, the Sun, Moon and Earth
Space Information - background information, good videos and animations, etc.
Mini-science projects - suitable as one-off activities or integrated into other learning, these are quick experiments generally with limited materials required.
Volcanoes - a collection of resources for learning about volcanoes
Push-Pull Primary Connections unit
Web of Life 3/4 Biological Sciences unit

Famous Scientists section

OK, some of this material is too complex for primary school children. But in the interests of thinking deeply, if parts of this can be understood and can engage children of this age, I might use it anyway.
  • Archimedes - a famous Greek scientist and mathematician, most remembered for a nudey run from his bath when he realised he could measure the density of the king's crown using water

Interesting science related stuff

This is a collection of resources that might be useful because they are unusual or interesting.