Last call - gdrive wiki is going away...

I left the teaching profession in 2014 and went back to my IT career. I am still involved with primary school as I volunteer regularly teaching coding and electronics. But I am not maintaining this wiki. Now that wikispaces has announced that they will close down from July this year, I don't think I will find the time to transfer this content to another platform. It will all be deleted soon. If you value the content, feel free to download what you need, but if you are able to help, I would be more than happy to assist with transferring this site to another platform - I just don't want to do it all by myself. Just contact me on wikispaces.

Welcome to the "G Drive" wiki, where teaching resources can be shared freely with other educators. This wiki is currently focussed around primary teaching in Canberra, Australia, but may be useful to other teachers. Have anything useful to share? We would love to receive any contributions you have to share with other teachers! If you join this wiki you can add your own resources, or contact us by messaging Ivan through the wikispaces message system.

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This wiki is called the G drive as a bit of a satirical nod to the way so much of our information is locked up on file shares that are only accessible from within your school or workplace. Now it can be made available to every teacher in the ACT, NSW, the world! Mwah-hah-hah!

Literacy Resources including Guided Reading Lesson Plans, Big Book Activities and Handwriting

Need Help? Have Questions? Want to contribute?

If you want to find out more about the resources here, offer some suggestions or comments, or (even better) some useful resources we can share, please contact Ivan - using gdrive AT (sorry, but if I publish the email address here directly I will be inundated with spam, so just replace the AT to create the real email address).

Copyright and Intellectual Property Considerations

The majority of these resources have been developed by ACT teachers, therefore copyright is technically held by the ACT government. They are made available on this site under a Creative Commons license, the default for wikispaces, which allows free copying, but no commercial use. Some resources will have the original author's name in the footer - feel free to send them a thank you.

About the "Gdrive":

This wiki was set up to share teaching resources. We started with a bunch of guided reading lesson plans. Why write a lesson plan or activity for a 15 year old PM levelled text when someone else has already done it? Why not share your lesson plans and activities with other teachers and pay it forward? We looked into other options for sharing this type of information but none were as easy or accessible as a site on wikispaces. Some of the options we looked at were:
  • Dropbox
  • FUSE - this site seems to have many of the features we would like but is only available to Victorian teachers.
  • cLc - this is the local ACT site but suffers from the same problem as FUSE - why should these resources only be available in the ACT?
  • TES - this is a UK site with a great community, including file sharing and forums. Probably not suitable as it is mostly UK content, and requires registration (although registration is free, registering seems to be a barrier for many people). This site is well worth joining though as there are many great resources and discussions.

Ivan's Sandbox (random thoughts and information)
Clare's Sandbox